Night Worker Role - WORKING AT SERVECO

Saquib Choudhry, Project Support Worker

Excellent company to work for...

I have been with the company since June 2015.  An enjoyable and fun place to work where hard work is rewarded and no two days are ever the same.  There is a company culture of all one team, and there is never a shortage of colleagues offering to help you when needed. Our Management Team has an open door policy so I have support whenever I need it.

In my role as a support worker I come across many incidents. One of the most memorable was when a young adult tried to harm themselves by drinking half a bottle of bleach. Normally we don't try to treat them ourselves. We always seek medical advice immediately. But that night the emergency services advised me to act quickly by encouraging the young adult to spit out anything remaining in her mouth. After a few tries I helped her clear the bleach from her body. This was all done with the instruction and guidance from emergency services on the phone before they arrived.

Emergency services thanked me for quick and wise action. I felt proud to have helped. A young person that is self harming can be hard to spot. But thanks to Serveco providing us with the required training and workshops I feel able to contribute.  I will definitely stay with Serveco for many years to come.

Saquib Choudhry - Night Support Worker


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