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Saquib Choudhry

A young person that is self-harming can be hard to spot..

I have been with the company since June 2015.  An enjoyable and fun place to work where hard work is rewarded and no two days are ever the same.  There is a company culture of all one team, and there is never a shortage of colleagues offering to help you when needed. Our Management Team has an open door policy so I have support whenever I need it.

In my role as a support worker I come across many incidents. One of the most memorable was when a young adult tried to harm themselves by drinking half a bottle of bleach. Normally we don't try to treat them ourselves. We always seek medical advice immediately. But that night the emergency services advised me to act quickly by encouraging the young adult to spit out anything remaining in her mouth. After a few tries I helped her clear the bleach from her body. This was all done with the instruction and guidance from emergency services on the phone before they arrived.

Emergency services thanked me for quick and wise action. I felt proud to have helped. A young person that is self harming can be hard to spot. But thanks to Serveco providing us with the required training and workshops I feel able to contribute.  I will definitely stay with Serveco for many years to come.

Saquib Choudhry - Night Support Worker

Danilo Luongo

Knowing I can save lives or prevent harm is why I do this job...

When I first started in December 2015.......

I could have never guessed how many challenges this job would bring and how much I would learn along the way.

In our field of work there is always a new story, a new person with different issues, but we are always there and always will be to offer support and advice

Throughout many nights spent in various projects facing new situations and challenges, there is always that one instance that makes you think that this was the right path to take and the right job for me.

For instance, it feels like a more rewarding job than ever with a simple ''thank you for listening'' and knowing the worst case was avoided with a simple chat and a cup of tea with someone who simply needed to be heard. Raising safeguarding concerns is a big part of what we do, knowing I can save lives or prevent harm is why I do this job.

Many times, we must face situations where judgment and time makes all the difference.

Feeling like you have done something to change someone's day or life by a simple act of kindness, putting your training to use or just knowing you took more time to be with that resident than most would offer makes be proud of the person I have become and the job I do.

All this feeling of achievement was possible with Serveco along with the right training and the right team.

Serveco have provided me with a much better view on work life and how to act in certain situations.

The team is supportive and always provide me positive thoughts on what we do and how we do it. If we do make a mistake, we learn from it and learn as a team together with great communication amongst other team members.

Danilo Luongo - Night Support Worker

Stephen Thompson

It's a privilege to be part of this company...

For years I worked in the security industry and whilst I dealt with a lot of issues surrounding criminal behavior I was left unfulfilled as the problems remained the same.  I set out in life to give the best of myself to those less fortunate than myself.

Now everyday I look forward to the challenge of being the person who inspired someone to change their path and turn their life around. You can't do this work without a level of compassion. Most of these people we take into care have yet to know what it is to have someone who is ready to listen to them and guide them. So far I've had some wonderful results and I have impacted on the lives of these people.

I'm confident that at Serveco we are the difference in the lives of those who are in need. I'm proud and its my great privilege to be a part of this company.  Moving forward, I'm working everyday to help Serveco grow into a national company supplying our amazing staff to all who need us.

Stephen Thompson Serveco Support Worker

Paul Jevons

I found myself enjoying the work I was doing for the first time in my life.

When I first applied for a job with Serveco it was only to be a part time role. But when I started at Serveco the support and training I received was amazing. I found myself really enjoying my job and with the training I received was able to deal with many situations as they raised their selves, and all finished with an amicable outcome. It is such a rewarding job to know that you have helped someone whilst at work. I found myself enjoying the work I was doing for the 1st time in my life. It’s fair to say I soon made this my full-time job and hopefully my last job as I will never want to leave. (Serveco you are stuck with me). After a few months Chris and I started talking and it was agreed between us that I would help run the Kent region. I now offer support and training to all team members in Kent, we are like one big happy family. We are always here to support each other and offer advice when needed. The nights can be long, so I set up a couple of what’s app groups, one for serious questions or queries where someone is always listening and can respond within moments to any questions asked as someone is always working. Then to lighten the mood we also have a banter group where all team members can joke around and have a laugh whist working through the nights to keep up moral and to give the team a chance to get to know each other better. Serveco is by far the best company I have ever worked for. Chris is an excellent manager, he is always there with support and advise for us all. When ever there are questions or quires they are answered straight away you never have to wait. Everyone is always contactable, and we pride ourselves on that, any client can call 24/7 and myself or Chris are there to answer their calls along with the support from the team. Serveco is a growing company and everyone of our team members is as important now as they have always been, we would not be where we are without the fantastic people working for Serveco. We will always meet with clients and put together a solution that best meets their individual requirement’s no matter how big or small.

Paul Jevons - Serveco Area Manager

Gary Bryant

Serveco is like no other company that I have worked for in my career. It is more like working for a family than a company.

I joined Serveco in December 2016 having worked in the Security Industry for over 25 years and being a foster carer for over 6 years, something I still do. I was looking for a job that offered more job satisfaction and I wanted to do something in which I could make a real difference.

Working for Serveco on nights offers me a great work life balance and gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with my family.

Both Chris Yates and Paul Jevons are phenomenal at what they do and are undoubtedly the best management team I have ever worked for, they try to solve any issues that come along and with the help of all of the Serveco team working at other projects there is always someone you can call for help or advice whatever the time it is.

Working for Serveco is like no other company that I have worked for in my career as it is more like working for a family than a company. With a support network in place from both Chris and Paul as well as any other colleagues working at other projects, you are never alone even though you are a lone worker.

This support and compassion from the whole of Serveco management team and my work colleagues was shown when my wife and I became ill at the same time recently. I felt like handing my notice in as I felt pressure I was under was too much to deal with as well as working and caring for my wife. The Serveco family rallied around me and helped me through this difficult time.

There have been many challenges over the years at the project I work in, I am there not only to make sure all rules and procedures for the project are adhered to but to also give help and support to the residents and a welcoming non-judgemental ear to listen to these young people in a professional and caring manner whilst maintaining professional boundaries at all times.

One example of this is that I have helped one young man come to terms with his sexuality and the abusive relationships he was finding himself in. He also has mental health issues and he frequently felt so low that he would often talk about taking his own life, as well as actually self-harming on a regular basis.

By being there to listen and offer my support, whilst liaising closely with his key worker he has made great progress and I am pleased to say that following a new CV, which we wrote together he has secured employment for the first time in his life and is now a much more positive person.

Having someone there who would listen to him when he needed it most, especially at night when he was feeling at his lowest and without being judgemental, has helped him boost his self-confidence, self-worth and self – esteem and he is looking to a future where he more stable and settled.

I could point to are many other examples of similarly complex and challenging situations that resulted in positive outcomes, this can only be achieved when the night team and day team work closely together, identifying safeguarding issues and ensuring that we are consistent with our approach


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