Ishmaila Jammeh (Ish) Rough Sleeper Outreach Worker

Knowing I can help people to make positive changes in their life, means a whole lot to me and that’s what Serveco stand for.

I joined Serveco on the 1st of July 2019 having worked in the Homeless sector for over 10 years. I was still working as part of the RISE team when Serveco was awarded the contract. My contractual hours are 9 -5 pm Monday to Friday and occasionally do night shifts and out of hours outreaches for Serveco.

The support and Compassion from the management team and staff are second to known. Chris and Paul has made it known to me that they are reachable any time I need to contact them and that’s exactly how it is. Management acknowledged the good work staff do and staff are very much aware the work they do are very much appreciated by Serveco. I couldn’t ask for a better Company to work for.

As an outreach worker my main role involves working with vulnerable adults with complex needs ranging from low support to very high support. The Housing Needs Team require me and my outreach colleagues to verify if someone is genuinely rough sleeping, once the verification has been completed we engage with the rough sleeper to access various agencies. I also risk assess individuals for suitability of services, assessing needs through move in procedures and reviewing these regularly, as well as completing detailed support plans and continuously liaising with partner services in order to maximise positive outcomes.

Since joining Serveco, I have been given the opportunity to implement my knowledge and experience of working with vulnerable individuals and am always commended for the good job am doing. I felt the team spirit and the bond among staff is very strong and someone is always a phone call away for help or advice whatever time it is.


Ish Outreach Officer


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