Gary Bryant, Night Projwcr Worker

Serveco is like no other company that I have worked for in my career. It is more like working for a family than a company.

I joined Serveco in December 2016 having worked in the Security Industry for over 25 years and being a foster carer for over 6 years, something I still do. I was looking for a job that offered more job satisfaction and I wanted to do something in which I could make a real difference.

Working for Serveco on nights offers me a great work life balance and gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with my family.

Both Chris Yates and Paul Jevons are phenomenal at what they do and are undoubtedly the best management team I have ever worked for, they try to solve any issues that come along and with the help of all of the Serveco team working at other projects there is always someone you can call for help or advice whatever the time it is.

Working for Serveco is like no other company that I have worked for in my career as it is more like working for a family than a company. With a support network in place from both Chris and Paul as well as any other colleagues working at other projects, you are never alone even though you are a lone worker.

This support and compassion from the whole of Serveco management team and my work colleagues was shown when my wife and I became ill at the same time recently. I felt like handing my notice in as I felt pressure I was under was too much to deal with as well as working and caring for my wife. The Serveco family rallied around me and helped me through this difficult time.

There have been many challenges over the years at the project I work in, I am there not only to make sure all rules and procedures for the project are adhered to but to also give help and support to the residents and a welcoming non-judgemental ear to listen to these young people in a professional and caring manner whilst maintaining professional boundaries at all times.

One example of this is that I have helped one young man come to terms with his sexuality and the abusive relationships he was finding himself in. He also has mental health issues and he frequently felt so low that he would often talk about taking his own life, as well as actually self-harming on a regular basis.

By being there to listen and offer my support, whilst liaising closely with his key worker he has made great progress and I am pleased to say that following a new CV, which we wrote together he has secured employment for the first time in his life and is now a much more positive person.

Having someone there who would listen to him when he needed it most, especially at night when he was feeling at his lowest and without being judgemental, has helped him boost his self-confidence, self-worth and self – esteem and he is looking to a future where he more stable and settled.

I could point to are many other examples of similarly complex and challenging situations that resulted in positive outcomes, this can only be achieved when the night team and day team work closely together, identifying safeguarding issues and ensuring that we are consistent with our approach


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