Danilo Luongo, Night Shelter Manager

Knowing I can save lives or prevent harm is why I do this job...

When I first started in December 2015.......

I could have never guessed how many challenges this job would bring and how much I would learn along the way.

In our field of work there is always a new story, a new person with different issues, but we are always there and always will be to offer support and advice

Throughout many nights spent in various projects facing new situations and challenges, there is always that one instance that makes you think that this was the right path to take and the right job for me.

For instance, it feels like a more rewarding job than ever with a simple ''thank you for listening'' and knowing the worst case was avoided with a simple chat and a cup of tea with someone who simply needed to be heard. Raising safeguarding concerns is a big part of what we do, knowing I can save lives or prevent harm is why I do this job.

Many times, we must face situations where judgment and time makes all the difference.

Feeling like you have done something to change someone's day or life by a simple act of kindness, putting your training to use or just knowing you took more time to be with that resident than most would offer makes be proud of the person I have become and the job I do.

All this feeling of achievement was possible with Serveco along with the right training and the right team.

Serveco have provided me with a much better view on work life and how to act in certain situations.

The team is supportive and always provide me positive thoughts on what we do and how we do it. If we do make a mistake, we learn from it and learn as a team together with great communication amongst other team members.

Danilo Luongo - Night Support Worker


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